Flash Fiction: Immortal

I bit into the fruit. Its juice burned like sweet fire and I coughed.

Was I immortal now?

I touched a palm to my cheek. I didn’t feel any different. This was the forbidden fruit, no? The fruit from the cursed persimmon tree?

I took another bite.

And  another.

The juice felt warm in my veins, and my whole body became warm with it. I began to feel sleepy.

I lay down under the tree. Its leaves fell into a gentle dance above me, each one a tiny hypnotic flame.

I felt myself slipping into a dream…


I still sleep under that persimmon tree.

I don’t know if it’s been decades or centuries. I long to feel the wind in my hair again, but I know that if I wake I’ll die.

Every so often someone comes to visit me. A young girl with hair like flames. She waters the tree. She caresses my cheek and whispers “thank you”.

Her breath burns like sweet fire.



Daily Prompt: Juicy


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