Haiku: Kema



falling water
putting out the fires
in the trees


(Image courtesy of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai)


Written for Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson


6 thoughts on “Haiku: Kema

  1. your haiku kema
    inspired word falls
    transcribed with feeling
    falling water
    nature working pumping
    verdant wonderland
    nature crying
    water falling from the sky
    trees quenched
    water falling
    racing splashing frothy clouds
    birds drink on the wing
    comets frozen fly
    water carriers new life
    new worlds are waiting
    water imbibed
    ere millennia gone
    whisky on the rocks
    rain drops Angel tears
    all that heavy drinking
    could be worse
    water falls painting
    forming rainbows as it flows
    descending jewels
    pear shaped diamonds
    water falling from the sky
    all life enriched
    water drops lenses
    look standing on your heads
    inverted world
    nature defying
    portrays the world upside-down
    natural lenses
    Thank you for the inspiration, will post these on my blog with a pingback, thanks again,


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