Flash Fiction: The Djinni

No green thing grew there. Not a drop of water could be found for miles.

But those scorched sands, they hid secrets.

That’s how I met the djinni.

Buried in the sand for a thousand years, that’s what the scriptures said. I braced myself as his vapour poured from the crack in the bottle. I was prepared to slay whatever creature arose from the vapour. But when the djinni appeared, there was such sadness in its eyes.

“What is your wish, mortal?” it rumbled.

There was an eternity of tiredness in its voice. Had it given up hope of escaping from the bottle? Was it tired of tricking mortals for so many centuries? Did it still delight in their misery?

There was such sadness in its eyes.

So I wished for something that made it freeze with surprise. I made a wish it would finally have no desire to thwart.

I smiled. “I wish for you to be happy,” I said.



Daily Prompt:Arid

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