Flash Fiction: The Centre of the Universe

I found the centre of the universe.

It was in a dark void adrift with dead moons. There was nowhere for my spaceship to dock. The moons looked hostile, and I didn’t want to anchor myself to something that didn’t know where it was going. So I simply drifted alongside them.

It had been a few hours when it suddenly became very cold. Despite my ship’s heating mechanisms, I shivered. A great evil lurked here. I could feel it.

It called to me. It pulled me away from my body, into a sea of darkness. I was everywhere, and nowhere.  I called for help but no help came.





I feel my humanity slipping away. It is replaced with an icy breeze that fills me with malevolence.

I am not alone.

There are others trapped here.

We wait for you.

Your planet is young, but you will find us when you do. Look for a dark miasma that calls to you. Do not dock on any of the moons – they are hostile, and you do not know where you will end up.

Do not be afraid.

Come and find us.

We are waiting.




Daily Prompt:Center

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