The King Of Lies #writephoto


High in the sky, in the Kingdom of Lies, the King of Lies sat waiting.

He waited on a throne of utter hogwash.

Everything in the kingdom was born of a lie. The king himself was made up of all the lies that had ended in tragedy. Every false accusation that led to an execution, every declaration of love that ended in loss…over time these became the king’s beefy limbs, his sulky blob of a face, and his tiny, angry little eyes.

The kingdom was a marvel. Centuries upon centuries of lies, all pieced together to form palaces of pure opal and streets lined with sapphire. And it was constantly growing, building itself.

There was just one problem.

The sun.

If so much as a speckle of gold fell upon anything in the kingdom, it vanished.

This went for the citizens too, and even the king, should he be so unlucky. During the day the kingdom went into hiding behind a shroud of mist. Lies still manifested, but the mist made it difficult for people to see, and the king’s servants were always bringing him the wrong things.

The king often lost his temper with them, but that couldn’t be helped. No one likes being brought banana pudding when they asked for a blueberry scone.

So on this evening, as on all evenings, the king sat waiting.

He was waiting for the sun to go down.

As its final rays disappeared beneath the horizon, the king shook his fist with anger.

One day he would destroy that flaming ball of trouble.

It was only a matter of time.



(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt: Gold

Jewel of the Nine Eyes (Part 2)

[See Part 1]

The human pawed at its shackles.

She was trying to reach a pink globe tucked into her left sleeve. A demon globe – made from the finest crystal in Myrbir, and designed to trap even the fiercest of us.

I sniggered.

Trust a human to come armed with a useless bauble.

She saw me smiling and scowled. I winced. Humans are ugly as it is (no horns, not even a tail to spice up the figure) – she didn’t need to go and make things worse by scowling.

The ruby mist was still rolling off her skin. It was starting to make my eyes sting. I had to find a way to destroy the jewel she’d swallowed before she realized it gave her the power to kill me.

Think, Ahaeserus.

In ancient times there were nine sorcerers who guarded the human world from demonkind. When they died, the jewel was crafted from their blood.

But how to destroy it?

“Human,” I said. “How did the jewel end up in your hands?”

The human made a great show of ignoring me. It plucked at its shackles some more. “I have a name, you know.”

“What?” I snapped.

“It’s Jessica.”

I looked at her in disbelief. Out of all the humans my minions could have brought me, it had to be this one. “Shut up, human,” I finally said.

“Idiot,” I muttered under my breath.

The human – or Jessica, as it liked to be called – reddened. “Who are you calling idiot, demon?”

“You ate a very precious jewel. That makes you an idiot in my books.”

The blade.

That was it. The jewel could only be destroyed by the very blade that had forged it.

The blade that no one knew the whereabouts of.

The blade that only a human could wield.

“You know what?” An ugly grin had spread across the human’s face. “You’ve had all this time to kill me, but you haven’t . You know what I think, demon?” The grin became wider. “I think you can’t.”

Damn it.

I was caught.

The human let out a triumphant laugh. “It’s true! I can see it in your face, demon! You’re not strong enough…”

Her fingers inched toward the demon globe.

I braced myself for utter chaos.

And then it happened.

Just as her fist closed around the globe, I had an idea.

Bless my rotting heart, I had an idea.


(To be continued)

Vignette: The Obsidian City

The obsidian city, the city of magic.

It went by many names, but its true name was Vezzereth, and its ebony spires have haunted my dreams since I was a child.

It seems I have more than the ordinary instinct for magic, and that’s why the Academy accepted my application to study with them. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to enter the city of my dreams, to see its ruby-capped towers glittering in the dark, to feel its magic pulsing in the night air.

I’m excited to study at the academy. The principal is a very talented mage. Decades ago a terrible plague ravaged the institution, and he was the only one who could stop it. I can’t wait to learn his secrets.

As I wait on my front doorstep for the last time, my suitcase sitting firmly at my side, my mother’s eyes glow with pride.

“Goodbye, Elva,” she says. “And good luck.”



Note: This is the sequel to Sour Magic.


Daily Prompt:Ordinary

Empty #writephoto



“It’s empty.”

“No it’s not,” I snapped.

We were trekking through my mind, for crying out loud.

It was not empty.

“The transporter’s faulty,” I grumbled. “It probably sent us into your mind instead. That’s always been empty.”

Abby threw her hands up in the air. “Hey, I didn’t say it was a bad kind of empty. It has a nice ambience to it. Peaceful, like.”

I waved her words away. I wasn’t accepting this emptiness. All my thoughts were hidden away somewhere, and we had to find them. Because until we uncovered that one thought, the thought I’d blocked all these years, justice could never be served.


(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt: Empty

Transformation (Part 2)

[See  Part 1 ]


So my transformation failed.

Everything’s fine from the shoulders up. I have chestnut hair, alabaster skin, and slightly beady amber eyes. But below that it all turns to pudding. Green pudding, to be exact. Lots of it, and with globby eyes sticking out all over the place.

But it isn’t all bad. With a full-length coat on I can still pass as human.

It’s difficult though. No one really wants to talk anymore. I’ve been classified as “weird”.


Enough of that.

I’ve got something exciting to report.

There’s someone else here.

I don’t know who he is or what galaxy he’s from, but I received his transmission last night. There was a lot of crackling and popping, but I managed to make out a few sentences. One of them was “seek it if you dare”, which sounds ominous. But it won’t put me off. I can do ominous too, if I want.

The humans have made it clear they don’t want to be friends with a weird guy who wears coats in the summer. This guy is my new hope. So I’m setting out to find him. I think he’s under the sea or something.

But that’s okay – I’ve got a wetsuit.



Daily Prompt:Acceptance