Valkyrie #writephoto



As the ocean glimmers a powder blue, the valkyrie in me stirs.

I remember the battlefield and I remember the slain.

I remember death under a blood-red sky.

And I remember his eyes, his unspoken wish.

There are some soldiers that never leave you. They are the ones you cannot save, one way or another. Their destinies belong to fate and fate alone.

And yet, as the battlefield burns with the blood of the fallen, the human in me stirs.

He was not meant for me but I took him anyway.

I will be punished for my disobedience. They will take him from me and return him to the arms of fate.

Until then he sleeps in a world of powder blue.



(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt: Horizon

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