Vignette: Transformation

I won’t get any second chances and I know it. This is my last transformation. If the humans don’t buy this one, I’m done for.

My true form is globular. I have more than a hundred eyes that need to be concealed. Human flesh is fragile, so that’s easier said than done. Eyes are always popping out in random places. This tends to displease the humans.

I need to  hide among them because they wouldn’t accept me as I am. I’m not stranded on Earth in particular – I could go to Mars, and the moon doesn’t look too bad. But it’s a lonely business, being a stranded alien. There’s no one to talk to.

The humans are full of talk. They never run out of it. That’s why I like them. I record all my conversations with them. I’m making a book of it. If I ever get home I’ll probably put in on the market. Could make the bestseller list.

But first things first. I need a new disguise, and one that’ll stick this time. This is my last try before my cells lose their regenerative properties, so I can’t mess this up.

If you’re getting this transmission, cross your fingers for me. And tell everyone to watch out for my new book  – it’s sure to be a hit.


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5 thoughts on “Vignette: Transformation

  1. Intriguing – it conjures up so many images, particularly of mysterious eyeballs appears [shiver]. I really like the observation “This tends to displease the humans.” Lonely and needing to blend in, aloof but in need of acceptance – Wonderful.

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