Deep #writephoto


Deep in the bowels of hell, a heart glowed fiercely on a cave wall.

The devil found this most unfortunate. He tried having his minions scrub it off. That didn’t work. They poured water on it. The heart glowed as fiercely as ever.

Scorching, disinfecting, hitting with a stick…none of these worked.

The devil was at his wit’s end. “Alright,” he said. “Who’s lost their heart? Come and claim it before I lose my temper.”

There were no takers for the heart. The devil was going to have to look at it every morning when he woke up, hanging as it was on his very own bedroom wall.

To make matters worse, a gaping hole had appeared in his chest.

He thought he’d better cover that up pretty quickly.



(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt: Deep





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