Transformation (Part 2)

[See  Part 1 ]


So my transformation failed.

Everything’s fine from the shoulders up. I have chestnut hair, alabaster skin, and slightly beady amber eyes. But below that it all turns to pudding. Green pudding, to be exact. Lots of it, and with globby eyes sticking out all over the place.

But it isn’t all bad. With a full-length coat on I can still pass as human.

It’s difficult though. No one really wants to talk anymore. I’ve been classified as “weird”.


Enough of that.

I’ve got something exciting to report.

There’s someone else here.

I don’t know who he is or what galaxy he’s from, but I received his transmission last night. There was a lot of crackling and popping, but I managed to make out a few sentences. One of them was “seek it if you dare”, which sounds ominous. But it won’t put me off. I can do ominous too, if I want.

The humans have made it clear they don’t want to be friends with a weird guy who wears coats in the summer. This guy is my new hope. So I’m setting out to find him. I think he’s under the sea or something.

But that’s okay – I’ve got a wetsuit.



Daily Prompt:Acceptance

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