Vignette: The Obsidian City

The obsidian city, the city of magic.

It went by many names, but its true name was Vezzereth, and its ebony spires have haunted my dreams since I was a child.

It seems I have more than the ordinary instinct for magic, and that’s why the Academy accepted my application to study with them. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to enter the city of my dreams, to see its ruby-capped towers glittering in the dark, to feel its magic pulsing in the night air.

I’m excited to study at the academy. The principal is a very talented mage. Decades ago a terrible plague ravaged the institution, and he was the only one who could stop it. I can’t wait to learn his secrets.

As I wait on my front doorstep for the last time, my suitcase sitting firmly at my side, my mother’s eyes glow with pride.

“Goodbye, Elva,” she says. “And good luck.”



Note: This is the sequel to Sour Magic.


Daily Prompt:Ordinary


3 thoughts on “Vignette: The Obsidian City

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