Jewel of the Nine Eyes (Part 2)

[See Part 1]

The human pawed at its shackles.

She was trying to reach a pink globe tucked into her left sleeve. A demon globe – made from the finest crystal in Myrbir, and designed to trap even the fiercest of us.

I sniggered.

Trust a human to come armed with a useless bauble.

She saw me smiling and scowled. I winced. Humans are ugly as it is (no horns, not even a tail to spice up the figure) – she didn’t need to go and make things worse by scowling.

The ruby mist was still rolling off her skin. It was starting to make my eyes sting. I had to find a way to destroy the jewel she’d swallowed before she realized it gave her the power to kill me.

Think, Ahaeserus.

In ancient times there were nine sorcerers who guarded the human world from demonkind. When they died, the jewel was crafted from their blood.

But how to destroy it?

“Human,” I said. “How did the jewel end up in your hands?”

The human made a great show of ignoring me. It plucked at its shackles some more. “I have a name, you know.”

“What?” I snapped.

“It’s Jessica.”

I looked at her in disbelief. Out of all the humans my minions could have brought me, it had to be this one. “Shut up, human,” I finally said.

“Idiot,” I muttered under my breath.

The human – or Jessica, as it liked to be called – reddened. “Who are you calling idiot, demon?”

“You ate a very precious jewel. That makes you an idiot in my books.”

The blade.

That was it. The jewel could only be destroyed by the very blade that had forged it.

The blade that no one knew the whereabouts of.

The blade that only a human could wield.

“You know what?” An ugly grin had spread across the human’s face. “You’ve had all this time to kill me, but you haven’t . You know what I think, demon?” The grin became wider. “I think you can’t.”

Damn it.

I was caught.

The human let out a triumphant laugh. “It’s true! I can see it in your face, demon! You’re not strong enough…”

Her fingers inched toward the demon globe.

I braced myself for utter chaos.

And then it happened.

Just as her fist closed around the globe, I had an idea.

Bless my rotting heart, I had an idea.


(To be continued)


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