Haiku: Tiny Moons

dewdrops on petals
a million tiny moons
glittering softly


Written for Chèvrefeuille’s Gift to You to Celebrate Our First Luster Of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #2 “Use That Quote”

Inspired by the quote:

“There is nothing you can see that is not a Bashoflower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon” (Matsuo Basho)

Flash Fiction: Child (Part 2)

[See Part 1]

I was having trouble convincing the portly dame.

“I assure you, Mrs Grenville, I was simply minding my business when a building block went hurtling toward my head.”

“Sarah was a gentle child, Mr Harding.”

I inspected the wound once more. It was still raw. “Mrs Grenville, there is a hostile entity in this room. It does not want me here. It does not want you here.”

My eyes fell on the portrait of Sarah on the wall. With her golden curls and puckered pink lips, she did not look sick. “What was the manner of her illness?”


“And she came to you after her parents were killed in a housefire, correct?”

Mrs Grenville bristled. “If you are suggesting that Sarah had anything to do – ”

“Please do calm down, Mrs Grenville. I am suggesting no such thing. I simply want to see the child rest in peace, as I am sure you do.”

Mrs Grenville gave something of a huff and turned her gaze from me.

“If you are ready, Mrs Grenville, I would like to hear more about Sarah’s illness. Were the fits ever violent in nature?”

“No! Well…” She hesitated. “Occasionally during the course of a fit she would strike out at the person next to her. But that wasn’t Sarah’s fault.”

“Did any of the other children sustain injuries?”

“Bruises mostly. There was one case of a black eye.”

“And did anything trigger the seizures?”

She thought for a moment. “They were mostly random, but heat did bring them on. We made sure to keep her room cool. Oh we were so careful, Mr Harding! But that day…” Tears welled in her eyes. “We tried ice packs, cold water, everything…but the poor child… it was just too much.”

I handed her a tissue. I waited for her to settle, but she was determined to keep talking.

“Her father had a touch of the illness himself. It hit him later in life. A brilliant man, such a tragedy. He was an archaeologist. He’d travelled to Egypt, Babylon, so many wondrous places. The police believed it was one of his fits that caused the fire. Only poor Sarah escaped that night.”

I leaned back in the tattered armchair I’d taken up home in. It was all beginning to make sense to me. The strangeness in the room, the voices conversing, the manner of the child’s death.

I reached into my suitcase and brought out a very different piece of equipment to those I had been using. I held the vial of holy water to the ceiling and waited. I was not surprised when it began to quiver.

I put the vial back in my case and folded my legs. “Would you like to hear my theory, Mrs Grenville?”

“This century, if you don’t quite mind.”

“There are indeed two entities in this room. The first is the child Sarah. As for the second…” I paused. “I believe that when Sarah’s father travelled to these ancient places,he brought something back with him. Something quite sinister. Such entities cannot enter this world save through a human host. They feed on the suffering of mankind.”

“A demon,” Mrs Grenville breathed.

“A demon,” I confirmed. “The night of the fire the demon most likely intended to kill everyone in the house except for his host, but something went terribly wrong. To survive it had to transfer into Sarah’s body and leave her father to die in the house.”

“Are you saying Sarah was – ?”

“Possessed, yes. I do not believe she nor her father ever suffered from epilepsy. When such an entity is distressed it often causes the host to enter a seizure-like state, similar to that of the illness. I do not believe Sarah was ever ill. It was the demon that died that wretched day, taking the host along with it.”

Mrs Grenville had become quite distressed. I leaned over to comfort her. “There is a way,” I said. “If you follow me to the parlour, we -”

But it was not meant to be.

As I was speaking, the door slammed shut.

One by one the bolts on the window latched into place.

Mrs Grenville looked at me wide-eyed.

We were trapped in the room with an entity that wanted us dead.


(To be continued)

Daily Prompt:Yarn

Wanderlust: Beautiful Hobbiton


This was taken at the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata, New Zealand, where scenes from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed.

It is truly an idyllic place, and we had a gorgeous summer’s day to stroll through and admire the scenery.

Across the lake you can see the Green Dragon Inn, a fully functional inn where you can order refreshments and lounge out by the fireplace.



Child #writephoto


The child’s room was empty.

There were several playthings, including a music box, a doll house, and a wooden horse rocking to itself in the corner.

But there was no child.

“Are you sure you heard noises?” I asked.

The plump dame in the petticoat was adamant. “Laughing. Toys moving. Children playing.”

I made my way to the dresser, gingerly stepping over a makeshift cradle. “How long have you been running the orphanage, Mrs Grenville?”

“Thirty years.”

“And we’ve never had any trouble before,” she added sternly.

I ran a hand over the music box. Dust was already gathering on the lid. “And how do the children do here? I mean to say, are they content?”

“The children are always very happy,” Mrs Grenville continued. “They are never in want of anything – we make sure of it. And they all get on wonderfully with each other. But Sarah, she never played with anyone else. She was a sick child. We were afraid…”

I examined the dresser next. I could sense a strangeness in the area, but I was having trouble pinpointing it.

“But there were two voices, Mr Harding. Two. They converse with each other. Play together. Every so often I hear nursery rhymes sung in unison.”

“And Sarah is the only child who has ever died in this room?”

“Of course.”

I took one last look around and straightened myself. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Being a spirit hunter was never an easy job, but I was dreading having to tell this woman what I was beginning to suspect.


(To be continued)


(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt: Child

Vignette: Strange Beings

Strange beings haunt the stars.

I’ve known it since I was a child.

I’d look to the stars and wonder what was out there. I’d wonder about the tales I’d heard.

I guess I never stopped wondering. When they called for volunteers for the Galactic Mission I was first in line. I spent decades zipping through the galaxy, my body frozen and refrozen along with my colleagues.

We visited desolate planets beyond the edge of civilisation, and discovered many wondrous things.

But it was not enough for me.

I wanted to see the mysteries beyond this universe, and beyond even that.

I split from my colleagues.

I took one of the ships with me and never turned back.

I’ve discovered so much since then, and it has changed me. I haven’t seen my home planet in centuries. I don’t know if I’d recognize it if I did.

I have become one of those strange beings that haunt the stars.



Daily Prompt:Zip

The Versatile Blogger Award!


A big thanks to Robin for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! (She also nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and I’ll get to that one later).

Robin herself runs a poetry blog called Gems of Literature. You can check it out here. So without further ado:



  1. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
  2. My favourite season is summer.
  3. I love animals.
  4. Before I learned to write, I told all my stories verbally.
  5. My primary (elementary) school principal was a children’s fiction writer.
  6. My favourite travel spot is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  7. I’m a hopeless cook.



I don’t know who would appreciate a nomination and who wouldn’t, so I’ve kept my list pretty short. These are blogs I enjoy on a regular basis:

Smiley Always – A Daily Photo

Melanie Deer – Joshua Graystand’s Journal and Other Short Stories

Anna Hergert – Miksang and Haiku



  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post and display the rules also.


Vignette: Broken Sand

They say sand cannot break. Its grains are too soft, too light.

But I was sand once, and I broke.

Lightning struck me, I turned to glass, and I shattered.

They put me back together piece by piece. But the shards were jagged and didn’t quite meet. One spike of lightning could shatter me all over again.

Sometimes at night, when the moon is glowing just so, I dream that I am sand once more. I become one with the wind and the water. I understand happiness again.

And when the lightning comes, I hold onto hope.

I remember the truth.

I am not glass.

I am broken sand.

I am broken sand.



Daily Prompt:Spike

Flash Fiction: Mother (Part 2)

[See Part 1]

612th Turn of the Dark Moon

An Annervyan satellite positioned west of Cyclomedes One reports a magnetic spectre travelling south along the Tailgate Passage. Attempts to identify the apparition were unsuccessful.


Last day of the 614th Turn of the Dark Moon

An unknown entity disrupts light shows throughout the dwarf planet of Vernios on the eve of the New Turn.

Foreign lights of a magnetic nature had appeared without warning. There were reports of machinery malfunctioning and animals howling at the sky. Some in the alpine regions claimed to hear a strange singing coming from the heavens, but this has been widely disputed.

Technical failure was cited as the official cause of the incident. The Supreme Council of Vernios continues to deny any outside involvement.


*It must be noted that, though many lights years away, Vernios is south of the Annervyan group.


650th Turn of the Dark Moon

The first landing occurred in the Andromedes group, on a planet known as Saurius Prime*.

Following reports of pulsing lights in the sky, a meteor struck the surface of the planet. Fragments of this meteor were unable to be recovered.

A handful of individuals claim to have witnessed the crash. Two of the claimants state that there was no meteor at all, but that pulsing lights had “fallen from the sky”. Others describe the lights taking on the form of a female with eyes of burning ruby ice.

Before the Turn was over, Saurius Prime was rendered uninhabitable, and was subsequently abandoned.


*It is unclear why Mother lands on some planets and bypasses others. Renowned astrophysicist Arthan of Cyclaedea proposes that Mother favours planets with an ecosystem similar to that of her planet of origin (more on this later).


680th Turn of the Dark Moon

This is difficult for me to write about. The horror is still fresh in my mind, as I am sure is the case with anyone reading this.

But it must be recorded.

The 680th Turn of the Dark Moon is when the slaughter began…