Haiku: Writer’s Block

words spilling
onto the paper –
page remains blank




2 thoughts on “Haiku: Writer’s Block

  1. I had to think words spilling onto paper?
    Yet the page remains blank, a caper…
    Invisible ink, warm the words don’t breath the vapour

    A tristich poem; the only restriction, (for want of a better word), is it only has three lines. That is a haiku only common similarity, however the latter should contain a kego*, a reference to nature, ether natural, or human. The senryu, a relation of the haiku based on it, 5,7,5, (or less) syllable count, is about human foibles, in sarcastic, or humorous way.

    * Kiego, Kigo, Kego’s*, there are thousands defined, some only the Japanese would use, with and in respect of the many ceremonials they hold alluding to aspects of nature. Have a look here https://mickhispoetry.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/haiku-springtime-kegos/ and that’s just for spring, I hasten to add that I have added to the list.

    Why have I gone to all this trouble, firstly I will say that I am not disrespecting you or your haiku, but the use of paper as a kego had me wondering. Cutting a relatively long story short, parchment, or paper are kiego’s relating to the time of year the natural flora based materials were gathered, all based on the Japanese definition of kigo.

    Now, if you know of the correct spelling for the ‘K’ word, for I find all three in use, and I have looked and looked, to no avail, apart from confusion. Help! Please.

    Best wishes,



  2. Hi Mick – thanks for the info. I hadn’t heard of a tristich poem before, so it’s good to know about it. As for the proper spelling of “kigo”, I’m really not sure…I’ve only seen it with an “i” so far, but then again I’m pretty new to haiku…


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