Flash Fiction: Mother (Part 2)

[See Part 1]

612th Turn of the Dark Moon

An Annervyan satellite positioned west of Cyclomedes One reports a magnetic spectre travelling south along the Tailgate Passage. Attempts to identify the apparition were unsuccessful.


Last day of the 614th Turn of the Dark Moon

An unknown entity disrupts light shows throughout the dwarf planet of Vernios on the eve of the New Turn.

Foreign lights of a magnetic nature had appeared without warning. There were reports of machinery malfunctioning and animals howling at the sky. Some in the alpine regions claimed to hear a strange singing coming from the heavens, but this has been widely disputed.

Technical failure was cited as the official cause of the incident. The Supreme Council of Vernios continues to deny any outside involvement.


*It must be noted that, though many lights years away, Vernios is south of the Annervyan group.


650th Turn of the Dark Moon

The first landing occurred in the Andromedes group, on a planet known as Saurius Prime*.

Following reports of pulsing lights in the sky, a meteor struck the surface of the planet. Fragments of this meteor were unable to be recovered.

A handful of individuals claim to have witnessed the crash. Two of the claimants state that there was no meteor at all, but that pulsing lights had “fallen from the sky”. Others describe the lights taking on the form of a female with eyes of burning ruby ice.

Before the Turn was over, Saurius Prime was rendered uninhabitable, and was subsequently abandoned.


*It is unclear why Mother lands on some planets and bypasses others. Renowned astrophysicist Arthan of Cyclaedea proposes that Mother favours planets with an ecosystem similar to that of her planet of origin (more on this later).


680th Turn of the Dark Moon

This is difficult for me to write about. The horror is still fresh in my mind, as I am sure is the case with anyone reading this.

But it must be recorded.

The 680th Turn of the Dark Moon is when the slaughter began…


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