Vignette: Broken Sand

They say sand cannot break. Its grains are too soft, too light.

But I was sand once, and I broke.

Lightning struck me, I turned to glass, and I shattered.

They put me back together piece by piece. But the shards were jagged and didn’t quite meet. One spike of lightning could shatter me all over again.

Sometimes at night, when the moon is glowing just so, I dream that I am sand once more. I become one with the wind and the water. I understand happiness again.

And when the lightning comes, I hold onto hope.

I remember the truth.

I am not glass.

I am broken sand.

I am broken sand.



Daily Prompt:Spike

6 thoughts on “Vignette: Broken Sand

  1. This is wonderful. I love the imagery of broken sand, glass, and shard. We are a combination of many things in different shapes and forms, but although we can be broken, we can also mend ourselves. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, poetry is so personal, but that’s what I saw in your words.

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