Flash Fiction: Jewel of the Nine Eyes (Part 3)

[See Part 1 and Part 2]

“You’re cursed,” I said.

The human froze.

“That’s why I haven’t killed you yet. I don’t want your germs, thanks.”

Her fingers, still clutched tightly around the globe, twitched. “I don’t believe you,” she growled.

I shrugged. Picking up a rock, and making sure I rubbed it in my palm nice and good so it reeked of my demon scent, I hurled it at her. There was a bang as the rock exploded in mid-air, littering the ground with fragments of burning ruby shards.

The human frowned. A crease had appeared in her forehead.

I reckoned she was buying it, and buying it good.


Time for phase two.

“You thought you could just eat the Jewel of the Nine Eyes and come out scot free? Ha!” It was my turn to grin. “I’m just going to wait till you slowly die of starvation. After death, you’ll be free of the curse. I’ll eat you then.

The human looked worried now. “You know how to break the curse,” she accused. “Tell me, demon!”

I turned my back on her. “I don’t usually converse with my supper.”

Meanwhile, I was slowly working my magic on her shackles. Loosening them, but in a way that made her think all her plucking and pawing was coming to some use. It was working. I could see her beady human eyes scoping out the situation right now.

Just a little more…


I turned around just as the demon globe hit me in the face. “Arrrghhh!” I screamed. Pink fire erupted from my fingertips as I shrunk, smaller and smaller, until I was enclosed in the globe. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it work.

The human was shrieking with joy (a truly terrible noise), and so I responded with a stream of my most creative curses. I think I mentioned rabid wolves and smallpox. I had to make it sound convincing.

The globe sat in her palm now, with me snugly inside it. “You can stay in there forever,” the human sneered. “Or you can tell me how to break the curse.”

“There isn’t a way…”

She shrugged. “Then I guess I’ll just chuck you out in the trash.” She started toward the dungeon door.

“Wait!” I cried. “I mean, there might be a way. There’s a blade that can cut through the jewel, but it’s hidden. You’d have to travel through many unchartered lands to find it.”

“Guess we’re going on a journey then, aren’t we, demon?” She put her face right up close to the globe. “Find me the blade. Or spend the rest of your life as my ping-pong ball. Your choice.”

“Will you free me then?” I sulked.

The human gave me a truly maniacal grin.

“Maybe,” she said.


And that, my friends, is how I ruined my own life.

Now I’m stuck roaming the countryside with a human (of all things), while pretending to be trapped in some pink toy made by a delusional not-mage. And if I slip up before we find that blade, I’m as good as dead.

To make matters worse, this human never stops talking.


They say humans hibernate at night, but I’m telling you it’s not true. This one talks day and night. My ears are constantly aching from it.

And did I mention that it’s always hungry?

It needs to be fed three times a day, at least. And it won’t just eat anything, oh no. That’s not edible. You can’t eat that raw. That’ll give me diarrhoea.

I should have just let the jewel finish me off.

These are going to be the longest years of my existence.


Daily Prompt:Control

Note: I have a sequel in the pipeline, Demon Blade. The idea is to write it as a novella and put it up on Smashwords for free.


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