Alienne of Amber Falls

I am Alienne of Amber Falls and I will become a sorceress.

It is the reason I fought to come here, to the North Vezzerene Academy of Magical Sciences.

My father was against it. He almost disowned me, but in the end he let me come. He is still far from happy about it.

I could not help upsetting him. I didn’t want the future he had prepared for me, a future where I served my husband and bore him sons. I  wanted magic. I wanted adventure. I wanted to be me.

There is only one thing that bothers me. I have no friends here. Not a single one. No one wants to get to know me.

Is it so bad that I am noble? I did not come here to be better than anyone else. I came here to master my craft. I came here to learn.

I wish someone would see past my title and ancestry.

I am not the daughter of my father. I am not the wife of my husband.

I am Alienne.

I am me.


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