The Obsidian City (Part 2)

I wish I’d never set foot in the North Vezzerene Academy of Magical Sciences.

I knew someone had died here, but I thought it was an accident.

Now I know how wrong I was.

I thought I was lucky to get a room in the West Tower, overlooking the much-coveted Obsidian Lake. I only found out later that the girl had lived in this room, and no one had wanted it ever since.

Her name was Alienne.

Her words will forever haunt me.

The principal hates me…

I need to escape from this place but the gates are always locked. It’s like we’re prisoners here.

The principal speaks of the plague with a certain reverence, almost as if he admires the disease.

We are allowed on outings during the weekends. I could make my escape then, but I still have no way of getting home.

All my experiments are going wrong.

But I have to escape. Because the principal looks at me the same way he looked at Alienne. I can feel the hatred coming off him in waves.

I’m scared that if I stay here I’ll end up dead too.


Daily Prompt:Panicked


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