A short break – but I’ll be back

Just letting everyone know that most of my free time will be tied up for the next week or so, so my blog posting will be erratic and reading/replying to comments might be delayed. I still hope to put up some posts whenever I get the chance, but this won’t be every day. Hopefully things will go back to normal soon and I can resume blogging/writing to my heart’s content!

Microfiction: Confection

With chocolate eyes and a strawberry smile she was the sweetest confection in the store. He bought her and she was his. He kissed her candied lips daily. He loved getting lost in the richness of her eyes. But eventually something changed. She looked the same but all the sugar was gone. He sighed. He never should have taken her out of her wrapping.

Tale Weaver: The Writer

The writer hummed a melancholy tune. She was losing her words, and she didn’t know why. She dreamed in full colour, but every time she woke another word had disappeared. She needed the words. They’re what bound the dreams to paper.

So she went to the place where she knew they slept. The book was old and tattered, but its words were as eager as ever to spring from the page.

She cast her net wide and far. She would catch all the words she could, and this time she wouldn’t let go.


(Written for Tale Weaver #125: of the writerly persuasion 22.06.17)



The Void


The void called to him. He’d been afraid of it at first, of its endlessness, its utter blackness. And yet he had never been whole on this earth. He was always searching, searching. Somewhere in this abyss was the last piece of him. He fell into its embrace and became complete.

(Image credit: Axcy @ Deviantart)

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Photo Challenge #170