Haiku: Sacred Stones

sacred stones
I leave my younger self
on the mountaintop


Written for Carpe Diem #1282 Sacred Stones


“An ovoo (heap) is a sacred cairn found in Mongolian shamanic religious traditions, usually made from rocks with wood or from wood. Ovoos are often found at the top of mountains and in high places, like mountain passes. They serve mainly as Tengriism religious sites, used in worship of the mountains and the sky as well as in Buddhist or Shamanist ceremonies, but often are also landmarks.

In our lives we have all places we have sweet memories at, we have points in our life that are our milestones, our sacred stones, our Ovoo.” – CDHK

Beautiful Spring


Spring is here and it’s brought a rainstorm of blossoms with it. I’m loving the delicate colours and wild scents of this season.

As I was taking a stroll through the park a certain tree caught my eye. It was clear that I wasn’t alone in this – the tree was something of a magnet for spectators, tourists and selfie-snappers.


The blossoms remind me of cherry or plum blossoms, but I wasn’t aware that these grew in New Zealand. I’ve never seen cherries or plums before. But come to think of it, I’ve never seen these particular trees around before either.

Do you know what these beautiful spring trees are?

Let me know in the comments below.