Twittering Tale: Who’s the Monster Now?


Getting lost in the marsh wasn’t great for our friendship. There was a lot of finger pointing. We were about to bite each other’s heads off when the swamp monster appeared. It took one look at us and dived right back under water.

(230 characters)

Image credit: Adege on Pixabay

Written for Twittering Tale #76 – 20 March 2017

My new Goodreads page

I’ve finally bullied myself into claiming my Goodreads Author page.

As some of you may know I’m a hide-in-a-dark-corner-and-wait type of writer, so adding another social media profile to my belt was a daunting idea. But I figured I’ve got to come out of that dark corner sometime. (And if the boogie monster really is out there I can just return, right? :D)

I’m still figuring stuff out on there (what’s the difference between friending someone and following someone who’s following you back??) but I guess there’s always a learning curve. I’ll get there eventually.

So if you’re on Goodreads come say hi, have a chat, etc. 🙂