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Pure Haiku’s theme this trimester is “Celestial Bodies”. I have to admit, I struggled a bit with this one. My haiku tend to be inspired by things I’ve experienced in the natural world – and, well, I’ve never been to outer space. I did however manage to spit out an acceptable haiku 🙂


alien city

a golden moon embraces

needles of black glass

© Isabel Caves 2018

Isabel Caves is a poet and fiction writer who loves to share all the weird and wonderful things that tumble from her mind. More of her writing and information about her published books can be found at Isabel’s blog.

The image of the “needles of black glass” haunted me from the first reading.

This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!

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6 thoughts on “5 – 15

  1. aloha Isabel. i hope you don’t mind my take on “celestial bodies” in haiku. personally i’d take that to mean anything we can see in the sky and relating it to the sky, from where ever we are. even in the city we can usually see a few things. and if not then there is usually a reason we can’t, which we can incorporate into our haiku. the moon is one of course. often a planet or two can be seen. and even some stars or star groups. if you do not have a way to know what you are seeing, i’d suggest an app like Night Sky, which will show you where to look, and what you are seeing, no matter where you are on the planet. even the “haze” of the Milky Way counts as “celestial bodies” as i see it. fun on celestial bodies. aloha r.

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