Poetry: Butterfly in a Bottle


of lavendar
the butterfly dances
on my shawl

they put him in a bottle
and he danced
no more

I brought him a clover
with four leaves no less
he clung to it all day
with his paper-thin legs

I think about him now
and the night he disappeared
I hope he found another shawl
to dance upon again


(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

Poetry: Blooms on Mars



I wonder what blooms on Mars
are like
I heard they’re sending a rocket there
with people to fill up
the night sky

If I should go
to become a star
to plant a life in that darkest of blue
among my clothes and food I think
I should like to take
a piece of my garden too

Will the blooms glow bright
like arctic ice
or will they float upwards
in that vertical breeze
will there be rain?
and moonlight too?
or will we make them ourselves
to suit?

I wonder if they
will be so strange
to not be flowers at all, but
something entirely new
and then I wonder too
if we will still
be us


(Image courtesy of Pixabay)


Poetry: I Want to Know

I want to know
do you love it the way I do?
blossoms fresh with rain
gumboots in puddles
and sweet


I want to know
do you grieve it the way I do?
the passing of years
the young growing old
a hand, once warm
now still


I need to know
are you the same and not the same?
were you born of the gentle breeze?
of the earth, the stars and the trees?


I want to know
these things
I do