Published in #FemkuMag

Happy to appear for the first time in #FemkuMag (Issue 10) with 4 haiku:


ghost moon
wishing my voice
could be heard


bathroom mirror
always a stranger
in my place


paper lanterns
a touch of light
in mama’s eyes


swan song
she glides down the aisle
in silence

Published in Troutswirl (What’s at Hand: A favourite vessel)

cereal bowl
a painted fairy tells her
it’ll be okay


Pleased to have the above haiku included in this week’s What’s at Hand feature on the Haiku Foundation blog, with commentary by guest editor Craig Kittner:

“A beloved vessel can give solace when the world turns mean. Picture the child in Isabel Caves’s haiku, whispering to her cereal bowl and getting comfort from it.”

Holiday #writephoto


I just want to relax. They never let me do that. It’s always scare the humans this. Eat the humans that.

I get it. I’m a troll. I have a reputation to uphold. We’ve got a beautiful green space here and we don’t want humans trampling all over it.

I just don’t get why it always has to be me. I’m not the only scary thing around here. Those fairies can be nasty, and a nymph’s regular attitude should bring any unwanted tourism to a grinding halt. Sometimes I just want to look at the reflections of leaves in water…feel the cool of shaded bark against my skin…breathe in the green.

That’s why I’m putting in my leave. I’m taking a holiday. I deserve it. I’m soaking up the green and sleeping in till 10. Some nasty nymph can cover my shifts.

As for humans…the rules are simple.

Trample quietly and you won’t get your legs broke.


(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt: Tranquil


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My supernatural short story Aibhileen’s Curse is now free on Smashwords.

My short story, Aibhileen’s Curse, is now out for free on Smashwords :)

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Hey guys. Just letting you know that my short story Aibhileen’s Curse is now available free on Smashwords. It’s a supernatural mystery with a touch of fantasy. It stars the spirit detective Alex Harding, and is the sequel to A Most Peculiar Haunting . You might remember me putting up the first few parts on the blog under the name A Most Peculiar Being.

You can check it out here.


Published in Haiku Dialogue (What’s at Hand – an odd picture)

class photo
the only one trying
not to smile


Thank you to guest editor Craig Kittner for including the above haiku in this week’s Haiku Dialogue and adding commentary:

Pictures can act as opiates. Lulling us into believing that a moment can be captured and held, unchanging, as years pass. But pictures are illusions. Collected dots that fool the brain.

An odd picture, however, can cut through the trickery. Inspiring curiosity instead of nostalgia. Urging us to look more deeply.

Take the class photo Isabel Caves writes of for instance. Who is the one trying not to smile? And why? Are the others smiling naturally, or are they trying to smile? Or is no one smiling, but only one is trying not to smile? What is going on between this one and the others?