Microfiction: The Realness of Things

Sometimes I wonder about the realness of things. Am I real? Are you real? Am I as real as you? Are you as real as me?

I feel the cold of rain as it hits my skin, and hear the whispers of trees as they send shivers my way. And surely this means that I’m a real girl.

But dream rain is just as cold, and dream trees whisper too. In the morning they are nothing but ghosts.

One day I, too, will be a ghost.

Then perhaps I am nothing but a dream.

2 thoughts on “Microfiction: The Realness of Things

  1. Thanks for sharing a very evocative piece! Just some flash questions:
    Are characters in fiction not real?
    Do dreams have dreams?
    Do ghosts ponder about their realness?
    Which is more real: the pupa, the chrysalis, or the butterfly?

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    • Characters in fiction are a kind of real, at least for me. When I really get into a book or TV show the characters feel real, and I talk about them as if they were.
      If I were a ghost I would certainly ponder my realness. Unless I didn’t have my full faculties, of course. If I was stuck in a moment, replaying it over and over, I might not have the capacity for true reflective thought.
      I hope my dreams don’t have dreams, because I dream up some pretty weird stuff!
      As for the butterfly…we tend to put more importance on that stage, so maybe that makes it more “real” to us…


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