Published in Troutswirl (Haiku Dialogue: Social Issues -“isms”

cold rain
the girl who doesn’t
play with dolls


Happy to have the above haiku published in this week’s Haiku Dialogue edited by Lori A Minor.

HAIKU DIALOGUE – Social Issues – Social -isms

Published in the Haiku Pea Podcast (S2 E21)

desert oak
the many shapes
of stillness

(First published in Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2018)


cereal bowl
a painted fairy tells her
it’ll be okay

(First published in Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation blog)


nightfall –
a lily pad catches
the moon

(First published in Stardust Haiku, September 2018)


Happy to have the above three previously published haiku featured in Series 2 Episode 21 of the Haiku Pea podcast. Many thanks to editor Patricia.

Series 2 Episode 21: Making Music