Free on Smashwords: Orb of Ariadne (Witch Doctors Inc #2)

Lily must call upon a terrible power to defeat an enemy from her past. Will her soul survive the battle?

Welcome to Witch Doctors Inc. Got a problem? We’ll solve it. Warts? Easy. Got an enemy after you? We’ll find ’em. Been cursed? Have one of our glittering elixirs.
As for that dark energy pulsing in the atmosphere? Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.
We’ve got all the excitement over here. There’s a teen celebrity being stalked by aliens, an ancient demon with a thirst for death, and one witch who just wants revenge.
So hurry up and make your appointments, because those spaces are going fast.

Excited to announce that Witch Doctors Inc II: Orb of Ariadne is now available as a free read on Smashwords. There’s the option of downloading the Kindle version, PDF version, EPUB, or reading online (plus a couple of others). So if you enjoy YA fantasy that is fun, dark and witchy, feel free to go have a read 🙂

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