Published in The Bamboo Hut (Number 3, 2020)

I’m delighted to have 5 haiku published in the third issue of The Bamboo Hut this year.

the extinction
of our relationship
bigfoot sighting

fresh daffodils
the get-well card
sprouts sunshine

shifting shapes
of monochrome rain
fur elise

first flight
the owlet bubbles
with moonsong

tear-shaped puddle
a blind wolf
finds the moon


My haiku “setting sun” featured on Haiku Commentary

I’m very pleased to have a haiku featured on Haiku Commentary, with commentary by Hifsa Ashraf and Nicholas Klacsanzky. I like how the feature was illustrated with van Gogh’s “The Sower”, as van Gogh is one of my favourite artists.

setting sun
a child learns to say

(First published in Poetry Pea – Haiku Pea Podcast Series 2 Episode 2)

Published in Troutswirl (Haiku Dialogue: The Way of the Chef)

its breath
still wild…
potted mint


Delighted to have the above haiku published in Haiku Dialogue: The Way of the Chef. Guest editor Craig Kittner invited us to be “inspired by our ingredients”:

When faced with a fresh, seasonal ingredient a chef must choose. Create something simple that highlights the ingredient, or something elaborate that elevates it.

Choose a moment from direct observation, your notes or memories, whatever you find most inspiring. Taste the moment and decide: should it be presented as something simple, but flawless in its execution; or as something complex, unexpected and risky?

Published in The Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku and Senryu (Spring 2020)

I’m delighted to have 6 haiku published in the Spring 2020 issue of the Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku and Senryu. Three have already been read on the Haiku Pea Podcast, and three are previously unseen. This is the very first issue of this print journal, and there are some very fine gems in there.


idle waters
the riverbank blinks
its crocodile eyes

river bank
the twists and turns
of your affection

second generation –
they ask for the recipe
of her store-bought curry



windless night
a part of me remains
at his bedside

out comes my inner rabbit strawberry garden

65th birthday –
the chocolate cake
she used to make