The Road Taken: Desert Sunrise


Ayers Rock, Australia – don’t even think of dying before you see this place.

A while ago I had a serious case of the travel bug,  which I treated with a series of travelling expeditions across Australia. One of the most amazing places I got to experience was the outback of the Northern Territory. I feel incredibly lucky that I had the chance to experience this most beautiful of wildernesses.

Imagine standing in the middle of pure wilderness – utter silence, utter stillness, for miles around you.

Now imagine doing it at night, while waiting for the sun to rise.

These were pictures I took doing just that, standing atop an isolated sand dune with a group of fellow travellers while the rising sun cast a red glow over what is aptly called the  Australian Red Centre.

I don’t have words to describe the feeling, and I only had a point-and-shoot camera with me to capture this magic.

All  I can say is – go there. Go now. The magic is waiting.


Weekly Photo Challenge:The Road Taken