Haiku: Brain Coral



monster brain coral
a cobalt eye snaps open
shoals of fish scatter


(Image credit: Nick Hobgood)


Note: Brain coral is the name given to a type of coral that, well, resembles a brain. This haiku was inspired by an experience I had in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I was snorkelling in a lagoon off the coast of a tiny tropical island (recommended!). There were such amazing colours and shapes down there, as well as vibrant wildlife. As I snorkelled I noticed a satiny blue eye watching me from the depths.  It was embedded in a large coral. A swarm of small fish were darting in and out of this coral. As I floated over it the fish scattered, and the eye snapped shut! I turned around but the “eye” I had seen remained tightly closed.  We had been watching the reef, but for a moment it felt as if the reef had been watching us back…




Microfiction: The Monster in My Mind

I admired the courage of the monster in my mind. It wasn’t afraid to say things. It didn’t care what people thought. Still, it was a vicious beast and I knew I had to slay it.

When the monster was sleeping, people saw the weakness in me. They seized on it, thinking me easy game. But every insult, every morsel of injustice they threw my way made the monster stronger.

The monster is invincible now. I knew I had to slay it but I didn’t.

People say I’ve changed. They say this sadly. But the monster doesn’t care and I don’t either. I am the monster and the monster is me. Together we are unstoppable.


Daily Prompt:Courage

Aylin’s Sanctuary #writephoto


My mind is my only sanctuary. It’s the only place where I’m in control.  Outside, danger and death stalk my every move. But inside, they hold no power over me.

I’ve created a world for myself. I’m Princess Asturine, a beautiful but misunderstood royal who gave up courtly duties in favour of a more spiritual lifestyle.

They’ve given me my own property away from prying eyes. There’s a lovely garden out back full of flowers growing wild and free. There’s a gazebo there crowned by weeping willows. I like to read there on my own. The breeze reminds me of rosewater, and the raindrops in the willow fronds are like little lights in the darkness.

Not everyone approves of my garden.

Mum is angry. “What are you saying? That she’s crazy?”

The psychiatrist is trying to calm her down. “Aylin doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy.”

I can hear Mum’s sobs from my garden.

They float past the lily pond to the gazebo where I sit, eyes closed.

I’m sorry Mum, I want to say. It’s not that I don’t know the difference. It’s just that I don’t want to.


(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt: Sanctuary





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