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It was a golden afternoon when the mysterious gemstone appeared.

I was waiting for our messenger raven, Barnabas. I always waited for him before sundown. He spent the day travelling all over the continent, delivering and receiving messages for my parents. I had to know that he’d returned safely.

My sister would laugh if she knew, of course. “It’s just a bird,” she’d once retorted. “It can’t love you back.”

We were just children when she said it, but I remember her words well. It had broken my heart back then, to know that he couldn’t love me. And yet, he was still my Barnabas. Every sundown there I would be, waiting for him.

When his inky silhouette appeared against the sky my heart leapt. He was safe. And he was early. He swooped down toward me, but instead of alighting on my shoulder as he usually does, he placed himself at my feet and bowed his head.

There was something shiny in his beak. I reached for it and it clattered to the floor – a gemstone of the very palest blue.

Neither my parents nor my sister knew anything about this strange delivery. There was no note, no return address. And in the ten years we’d had Barnabas, he had never misplaced a delivery.

I didn’t have many pretty things, so I kept it. I threaded string through it and wore it as a pendant. Whenever I greeted Barnabas he would nudge at my chest, almost as if to make sure it was still there.

It was a strange stone. It seemed to light up at random and I could never discover where the light was coming from.

It lit up whenever the neighbour’s dog barked at me. If I was walking close to a steep drop, it would flicker on and off.

On the night the storm sent a tree crashing into the side of our house, it was lighting up like crazy. It burned my fingers to touch it.

I was all alone that night. By the time I heard the crash it was too late. I never had time to run.

Everything happened so fast. I only remember two things before my world went black – bone-shattering pain, and an aura of the very palest blue.


They said it was a miracle that I survived.

I wasn’t so sure.

I found Barnabas the next evening perched on a low rafter. I pulled him close to me. His body was warm in my arms.

“Barnabas,” I whispered. I held the gemstone out to him. “Do you know what this is? Did you bring it for me?”

I studied my beloved raven as he considered the gem. His feathers were ink black and his eyes held an understanding beyond that of any bird.

He never answered, of course.

But from that day on I decided to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, our love wasn’t so one-sided after all.


(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt: Messenger

Haiku: Cormorant Fishing

hungry cormorant
the taste of fish in its mouth
lingers like a ghost


Written for Carpe Diem #1217 Cormorant fishing (Ukai)

“Cormorant fishing is a method of fishing in which the bird has a snare attached to the base of its throat. When the cormorant catches a fish, it is unable to swallow it and the fisherman extracts it from the bird’s throat. The process is repeated, over and over again. This method of fishing, hundreds and hundreds of years old, inspired many haiku. And, as would be expected, most are in empathy with the plight of the bird.” – CDHK

The Liebster Award


Okay, so this response has been a LONG time coming. As some of you may know I took a short break from blogging recently. Life threw me a few lemons, but I’m glad to report that the lemons have been squeezed and lemonade has been made, so I’m hoping to declare myself officially “back” 😀

A huge thanks to Robbie for nominating me for this award. Head on over to her scrumptious blog, Robbie’s Inspiration, where you’ll find the most delicious and creative recipes and writing.


  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs *
  5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.*
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.*

*I’ve decided from now on to hold off from nominating other blogs because it’s hard to know who is into the whole award thing and who isn’t.


  1. I took up photography last year.
  2. When I was a very young child my parents became concerned about the fantastical and detailed “lies” I kept telling. I later learned to put my “lies” on paper, and realized there was a word for them: stories.
  3. I wrote my first “book” series when I was 8, about a magic garden shed that transported children to another world.
  4. I love being out on the ocean.
  5. I like to do my writing snuggled up in bed.
  6. I like to do my reading snuggled up in bed too 🙂
  7. I love animals.
  8. As a child I wrote plays and assigned my classmates to act in them.
  9. I’m not that into seafood.
  10. I’m allergic to shrimp.
  11. I’m too chicken to ride a horse.


What is your favourite children’s book?
I couldn’t possible choose just one. Some names that stand out from my childhood are Narnia, Goosebumps, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl.

What is your favourite flower?

Board games or computer games?
Computer games.

Books or television?
Depends on my mood,

How do you like to relax?
Snuggle up in my bed and maybe watch or read something.

Which scientist do you think did the most for mankind?
There are so many scientists who deserve our gratitude. I was always taken with the story of Jonas Salk, who worked night and day to develop the first polio vaccine. He refused to patent the vaccine, saving countless lives but forfeiting himself billions of dollars in profit.

Where do you like to go on holiday?
Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Where would you like to go on holiday in the future?

How do you like to exercise?
Not all all  😀

Would you like to be part of the Mars Project if you could?
There is a song from my childhood that would answer this perfectly. The name and singer were lost to memory, but I searched for years afterwards to find it.

Oh, I’d like to visit the moon
In a rocket ship high in the air
Yes, I’d like to visit the moon
But I don’t think I’d like to live there

Though I’d like to look down at the earth from above
I would miss all the places and people I love
So although I may like it for one afternoon
I don’t want to live on the moon

So if I should visit the moon
Well I’ll dance on a moonbeam and then
I will make a wish on a star
And wish I were home once again

With the advent of Youtube I finally found the song. It turns out the elusive singer was Ernie from Sesame Street  😀

What is your favourite sweet treat?










The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Isabel Caves

I’m finally a member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse, courtesy of the lovely Jessica Bakkers 🙂

Jessica Bakkers

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is the elusive, ethereal princess, Isabel Caves.


Young, New Zealand born Isabel is a wordsmith beyond compare when it comes to haunting poetry and lyrical haikus. This is evident in the numerous magazines that have picked up Isabel’s haikus for publication.

Further, Isabel’s short stories carry on her whimsical, fantasy themes and often deal with magic and fantastical characters. Isabel’s collection of short stories in her anthology “Ephemeral” is available as a free ebook to tempt readers to cross into her world of the unreal.

As well as capturing fantasy and magic in her poetry and short stories, Isabel tries to capture the magic in our everyday life through her other passion; photography.

To find out more and catch up on Isabel’s magical works, head over to Isabel Caves and have a look around. You’ll be delighted.

In homage to Isabel’s magical way…

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