Poetry: Are You Afraid

are you afraid, I asked the bird
no said he,
your eyes are full of spring stars
your thoughts are as the sea
you sing the songs I love so well
there is no night in thee


are you afraid, I asked the bear
yes said he,
your eyes are a-shimmer with autumn chill
a cold wind whips your sea
your growl is the growl of a predator
the night reigns strong in thee



Microfiction: Monsters

My mother told me there was no monster under the bed. I didn’t believe her then. I pulled the sheets over my face each night, leaving only my eyes exposed so I would be prepared when it crawled out.

Eventually I grew older and moved out of that room, into the real world. I graduated from high school, chose a major, entered the workforce and explored the rotating doors of love.

None of it was easy. My heart was broken over and over, and at times I didn’t know whether I was fighting my adversaries or my own self.

I remembered that bedroom from my childhood with fondness. And I realized that my mother had been right. The monster was never under my bed. It was prowling the streets, waiting for me.