Poetry: Are You Afraid

are you afraid, I asked the bird
no said he,
your eyes are full of spring stars
your thoughts are as the sea
you sing the songs I love so well
there is no night in thee


are you afraid, I asked the bear
yes said he,
your eyes are a-shimmer with autumn chill
a cold wind whips your sea
your growl is the growl of a predator
the night reigns strong in thee



Microfiction: The Realness of Things

Sometimes I wonder about the realness of things. Am I real? Are you real? Am I as real as you? Are you as real as me?

I feel the cold of rain as it hits my skin, and hear the whispers of trees as they send shivers my way. And surely this means that I’m a real girl.

But dream rain is just as cold, and dream trees whisper too. In the morning they are nothing but ghosts.

One day I, too, will be a ghost.

Then perhaps I am nothing but a dream.

Haiku: Shasei

noon heat
the sparrow spots
a bread crumb


Written for Carpe Diem #1528 Shasei

Note: This haiku was written using the shasei technique encouraged by Shiki. Shasei (sketch from life) is the idea of depicting nature just as it is, without associations, contrasts, comparisons, wordplay, puns or riddles.

‘”Learn from the Pine!” To do that you must leave behind you all subjective prejudice. Otherwise you will force your own self onto the object and can learn nothing from it. Your poem will well-up of its own accord when you and the object become one, when you dive deep enough into the object, to discover something of its hidden glimmer…’ – CDHK