Published in The Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku and Senryu (Spring 2020)

I’m delighted to have 6 haiku published in the Spring 2020 issue of the Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku and Senryu. Three have already been read on the Haiku Pea Podcast, and three are previously unseen. This is the very first issue of this print journal, and there are some very fine gems in there.


idle waters
the riverbank blinks
its crocodile eyes

river bank
the twists and turns
of your affection

second generation –
they ask for the recipe
of her store-bought curry



windless night
a part of me remains
at his bedside

out comes my inner rabbit strawberry garden

65th birthday –
the chocolate cake
she used to make



Poetry: Are You Afraid

are you afraid, I asked the bird
no said he,
your eyes are full of spring stars
your thoughts are as the sea
you sing the songs I love so well
there is no night in thee


are you afraid, I asked the bear
yes said he,
your eyes are a-shimmer with autumn chill
a cold wind whips your sea
your growl is the growl of a predator
the night reigns strong in thee



Haibun: Moth

I tried to save the moth. He was latched onto the wall of my shower cubicle. It was about to get very wet in there. I tried to coax him onto my finger but he kept fluttering out of reach. When he finally trusted me he clung to my finger and wouldn’t let go.

I put him on the sink ledge. I didn’t see the spots of water already there. I tried to push him out, but the more I pushed the more he drowned.

When I fished him out his body was limp. I gave him my finger but it didn’t matter anymore. Perhaps it never had.

winter light
my garden full
of withered things