My haiku “blood moon” and “light rain” translated into French on

Delighted to have two haiku translated into French on by Serge Tome. “Blood moon” has commentary by Serge Tome in French.

blood moon
forced to become
a woman

lune de sang
forcée de devenir
une femme

(English version: Troutswirl, Haiku Prism – Red)


light rain
lavender blossoming
in a sketchbook

pluie fine
la floraison de la lavande
dans mon carnet de croquis

(English version: Troutswirl, Haiku Prism – Purple)




Published in the Bristol Museum’s Masters of Japanese Prints series!

yamabuki flowers…
i too
bear no fruit


Honoured to have the above haiku selected for the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery’s Masters of Japanese Prints collection. Each poem is inspired by a Japanese woodblock print from their 2018-2019 exhibition. Mine is for The Ide Jewel River, a Famous Place in Yamashiro Province, 1766–67 by Suzuki Harunobu (1725-70).

You can see the lovely print at the link below, as well as the other selections:

Masters of Japanese Prints: Haikus