Icy Rain

Icy rain tingling my spine
and you were there,
looking for me

I wrapped my scarf around my soul
and you searched the cold,
but you didn’t find me

Goodbye my friend
you shan’t see me again,
under summer trees
like we used to be

I am a drop of rain
I shall find my own way
Yet I’ll cherish our days
in the sunlit breeze


The terror sown into your eyes

is devastating

I thought you were strong

when I wasn’t

Now you are a frightened rag doll

in my arms

I will use my brittle bones

to carry you

Burning Ice

Like burning ice you will never die

but I fear for you,

my dark-eyed saint


I fear the wisps of venom

that rise

from your silvered lips

like demon mist


I fear the wicked light

in your eyes,

The angel’s might

in your sword’s death kiss


Once we danced through fields

of dandelion seeds,

the evening breeze

like a  fading wish


Now you burn like ice,

my dark-eyed saint,

and I fear for you

I fear for you