Published in Cattails for the first time!

I’m delighted to have a haiku published in Cattails for the first time. Cattails is the journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society.


settling dusk—
a pelican scoops up
the last flutter


You can access the rest of this lovely issue at the link below.

Click to access cattailsAPRIL2020.pdf

Published in The Bamboo Hut!

paper flowers
in a picture book meadow
flu season


another friend
for her collection
Jupiter’s rings


my loneliness
in the stray’s eyes


crystal beads
the dusk lights up
with cricket song


they always flock
to the next tree –
ripe tamarillos



I’m delighted to have these 5 haiku published in The Bamboo Hut Journal of English Language Tanshi. This is my first time appearing in this journal.

My haiku “rain puddle” translated into French on

rain puddle
a child’s gumboot
splashing stars

flaque de pluie
les bottes en caoutchouc d’un enfant
éclaboussent les étoiles

(First published in Stardust Haiku Issue 39, French translation by Serge Tome)


I’m delighted to have my haiku “rain puddle” translated into French on by Serge Tome:

I have another 5 haiku on this website – three have been translated into French:

Poetry: Are You Afraid

are you afraid, I asked the bird
no said he,
your eyes are full of spring stars
your thoughts are as the sea
you sing the songs I love so well
there is no night in thee


are you afraid, I asked the bear
yes said he,
your eyes are a-shimmer with autumn chill
a cold wind whips your sea
your growl is the growl of a predator
the night reigns strong in thee