Microfiction: Despair

She never got over it. The despair dug into her bones. There was no funeral to cry at, no graveside to mourn by. She carried it silently, from the moment she ordered the massacre. She was the only one who mourned the death of the person she used to be.

Microfiction: Wings

Her fascination for the sky was endless. She’d spent most of her youth in forests, around ponds or waterfalls. She was a faerie of the earth. It was only when her wings withered, lying brown and limp at her sides, that her heart filled with blue.

(Written for the Whistpr prompt on Twitter)

Update 7/08/20

I’ve got a few weeks off work so I’ll have more time to write. I’m excited to produce new work and catch up with everyone in the writing world. I haven’t had nearly as much time to do this as I’d like , what with my job at the hospital eating up so much of my energy.

I’ll be making more haiku submissions (I feel like I’ve been falling back on this lately). I’ll also be working on my Channillo for Charity series The Moon is Crying. I’m going to be posting content more frequently for this.

I also have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve, including a new Alexander Harding Spirit detective mystery 🙂

Can’t wait to fill my days with magic 🙂 🙂


(Image by ryo taka from Pixabay)

Update 02/08/20 – Book Cover Animation + Sad Face the Clown

I’m delighted to have the e-book cover for The Moon is Crying animated by Morgan Wright. I was hoping to share it with you guys here but I can’t upload videos. You can see it on my Twitter though: https://twitter.com/isabel_caves/status/1289815424389922816

The Moon is Crying is my new microfiction series on Channillo. This week’s installment “Sad Face the Clown” is now out.

I think I forgot to mention in my last post that all proceeds from this series are going to charity. I’ve chosen SPCA International to donate to. So if you have a Channillo subscription and fancy some microfiction with a touch of magic, you can save a fluff too. Or even a few fluffs…


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THE MOON IS CRYING – New Microfiction Series on Channillo!

The Moon is Crying - Original

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a proper update. As a COVID-19 response worker, these past few months have been hectic. But…I have news. I’m running a new microfiction series on Channillo called The Moon is Crying.

The Moon is Crying is a collection of contemplative microfiction with a touch of magic. Stories are bite-sized and will be released weekly. While I’d like to include some previously published pieces, the plan is for most of the pieces to be new and exclusive to Channillo.

Here’s the link to my series: https://channillo.com/series/the-moon-is-crying/

The cover image was designed by BetiBup33 Design Studio.

Channillo is a subscription-based service, sort of like Netflix for literature. Members pay a fixed monthly fee to subscribe to as many series as they want. They’re also running a 30-day free trial. https://channillo.com/

Microfiction: The Stream


Her thoughts were a stream that she dared not wade into. If she dipped her toe in she’d feel a tickle, nothing more. But if she were to immerse herself in its waters it would absorb her as if she were a leaf to be carried away. She would melt into its will, no longer distinct but a part of something primal, something bigger than her own sentience.

What land that stream hailed from she did not know. But she sensed its darkness on the horizon, calling her in fearful whispers.

Her thoughts were a stream that she dared not wade into. It was safer on land, on her own two feet.

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Written for Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #125.