12 – 7 – Featured Haiku Writer


into the future –

a desert of broken jade

where our palace stood

© Isabel Caves 2018

Here is the fifth haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer – Isabel Caves. There is so much magic in the world around us. Isabel loves sharing this magic through her nature and wildlife photography. Discover more at Isabel Caves.

We started the week with a memory and end it with a glimpse of the future …

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

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12 – 6 – Featured Haiku Writer


the wormhole closes …

now an ochre city of

opal-studded sand

© Isabel Caves 2018

Here is the fourth haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer – Isabel Caves. Isabel loves writing haiku, lots of haiku! She likes to play around with different styles of short poetry. Sometimes a little magic creeps in too … Discover more at Isabel Caves.

I liked the action of the portal closing and revealing the writer’s new destination.

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

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12 – 4 – Featured Haiku Writer


on the other side –

sparks of cerulean blue

crackle in the breeze

© Isabel Caves 2018

Here is the second haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer – Isabel Caves. Isabel is the author of Strange Beings and uses her blog at Isabel Caves as an outlet for her creativity which expresses itself in photographs, stories and poetry.

This haiku stood out because it tells of what is on the other side of the portal, I imagined the portal to be at the writer’s back.

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

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Poetry: Blooms on Mars



I wonder what blooms on Mars
are like
I heard they’re sending a rocket there
with people to fill up
the night sky

If I should go
to become a star
to plant a life in that darkest of blue
among my clothes and food I think
I should like to take
a piece of my garden too

Will the blooms glow bright
like arctic ice
or will they float upwards
in that vertical breeze
will there be rain?
and moonlight too?
or will we make them ourselves
to suit?

I wonder if they
will be so strange
to not be flowers at all, but
something entirely new
and then I wonder too
if we will still
be us


(Image courtesy of Pixabay)


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