The Last Rose Of Babylon

The Last Rose of Babylon sat beneath the willow tree. All around her was a dream of emerald. Floating in this dream were butter-coloured lilies and daisies like fallen stars. The dying embers of sunshine glittered in her hair.

Oh but if it could last, she thought.

She knew it could not.

Tomorrow the Persians invade.

The time for gentle things was gone.


(Image courtesy of Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie)

Written for Sunday Writing Prompt “It’s All in the Title”

Twittering Tales: The Last Battlefield

She was happy, happy, happy. That’s what she told herself every day.

She refused to give in to sorrow. She refused when they razed her village to the ground. She refused when they killed her father and took her brother.

She had no bullets left to fire – her smile would have to do.


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Written for Twittering Tale #69 – 30 January 2018




Beneath burnt earth

a lone poppy breathes

its first lungful

of spring air


(Image credit: Lajsikonik)


This poem started off as a haiku written for Carpe Diem #1119 Miracles , but it eventually protested being a haiku. Poppies were the first flowers to grow over the graves of fallen soldiers in Flanders, Belgium.





On My Way I Found the Holocaust

Humoring the Goddess

red_and_black_rose_by_tianajade-d2zwb9s1On my way to researching something else…

Doesn’t it always happen this way? Earlier today I was searching for events that took place on September 8 for a blog I was writing for work, and I came across this:

1941        Sep 8, The entire Jewish community of Meretsch, Lithuania, was exterminated.

An entire community.

My curiosity took me through pages and pages of Holocaust history. Here is some of what I found: (It’s kinda long..)

1941        Jun 22, Second world war began in Lithuania. Lithuania rebelled against Russian occupation.
1941        Jun 24, Entire Jewish male population of Gorzhdy, Lithuania, was exterminated.
1941        Jun 26, Lithuanian fascists massacred 2,300 Jews in Kovno.
1941        Jul 7, Nazis executed 5,000 Jews in Kovno, Lithuania.
1941        Jul 14, 6,000 Lithuanian Jews were exterminated at Viszalsyan Camp.
1941        Jul 24, Nazis massacred the entire Jewish population of Grodz…

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