Three Line Tales: Witches


Fear pulsed through the wicked night,
for the sky was bewitched with amethyst light

One by one they fell from that sky,
burning like stars in an endless flight

They, a shower of raven hearts,
burning black on this wicked night


(Image credit: Emily Morter via Unsplash)

Written for  Three Line Tales Week 99





Burning Ice

Like burning ice you will never die

but I fear for you,

my dark-eyed saint


I fear the wisps of venom

that rise

from your silvered lips

like demon mist


I fear the wicked light

in your eyes,

The angel’s might

in your sword’s death kiss


Once we danced through fields

of dandelion seeds,

the evening breeze

like a  fading wish


Now you burn like ice,

my dark-eyed saint,

and I fear for you

I fear for you