On Second Thought



I’m starting a post series for photos that, for whatever reason, didn’t make it to my Flickr page. Wrong angle, wrong pose, wrong lighting? Who knows. I don’t remember. But for some reason or other they were deemed unworthy.

I look now and see a beauty in them that I didn’t see before.


Maybe it’s because nature doesn’t need our validation. It is what it is. I was trying to turn nature into art, but nature is art – raw and beautiful, with or without my help.

Haiku: A Moment of Peace


blue morning sky
seagull alights on lamppost
hush! – solitude


This was a scene I witnessed this morning while waiting for the bus. It was a busy street; all around me was the suburban hustle and bustle of commuters making their way to their jobs in the city. The traffic was already building up. As for me, I had just missed the first bus and was irritated about being late to work. As I sat there grumbling wordlessly, I noticed a movement in the sky – it was a lone seagull in a graceful swoop, the breeze buffeting his wings as he alighted on the lamppost. When his feet touched he was still, a silent king against the light of the rising sun. And just like that, for the first time that morning, I felt it : a moment of peace.

Icy Rain

Icy rain tingling my spine
and you were there,
looking for me

I wrapped my scarf around my soul
and you searched the cold,
but you didn’t find me

Goodbye my friend
you shan’t see me again,
under summer trees
like we used to be

I am a drop of rain
I shall find my own way
Yet I’ll cherish our days
in the sunlit breeze