Published in Haiku Dialogue (The Haiku Mind – Water in Motion)

the gleam of her hair
on the floor


I’m very happy to have the above haiku published in Haiku Dialogue (Water in Motion), and chosen for commentary by guest editor Tia Haynes. The editor’s comments are below:

“From sorrowful implication where my thoughts were drawn to the tears being shed by the woman portrayed here, perhaps even those of her family and friends. The word “gleam” holds the weight of this haiku for me as it invites multiple readings; is the floor dirty and her hair “gleams” in contrast? Does it gleam from the perspective of the woman for whom her hair holds much importance? Is it because it has fallen/been shaved off under bright hospital lights? Does it imply youthfulness; that this is perhaps a young girl instead? The possibilities are rich in this evocative moment. “


HAIKU DIALOGUE – The Haiku Mind – Water in Motion

Microfiction: The Stream


Her thoughts were a stream that she dared not wade into. If she dipped her toe in she’d feel a tickle, nothing more. But if she were to immerse herself in its waters it would absorb her as if she were a leaf to be carried away. She would melt into its will, no longer distinct but a part of something primal, something bigger than her own sentience.

What land that stream hailed from she did not know. But she sensed its darkness on the horizon, calling her in fearful whispers.

Her thoughts were a stream that she dared not wade into. It was safer on land, on her own two feet.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)


Written for Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #125.





First Place in AHS Summer Solstice Haiga Kukai!!

I’m absolutely over the moon to receive first place in the Australian Haiku Society Summer Solstice 2019 Haiga Kukai (non-seasonal), as well as a highly commended in the seasonal category. What a lovely New Year’s surprise – I never expected first place!

These were my entries:


painted cow –
the village boy’s makeup
still taboo

(First Place, non-seasonal category)


solstice night –
the insomnia
of bushfire

(Highly Commended, seasonal category)


You can read the judge’s comments and view all winning entries on the AHS website: