Published in Troutswirl (Haiku Dialogue: Social issues – climate change)

plant laboratory –
a daisy breathes
behind glass


Happy to have the above haiku included in the Haiku Dialogue column on climate change.

HAIKU DIALOGUE – Social Issues – Climate Change & intro to Turn of the Decade

Published in the Haiku Pea Podcast (S2 E21)

desert oak
the many shapes
of stillness

(First published in Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2018)


cereal bowl
a painted fairy tells her
it’ll be okay

(First published in Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation blog)


nightfall –
a lily pad catches
the moon

(First published in Stardust Haiku, September 2018)


Happy to have the above three previously published haiku featured in Series 2 Episode 21 of the Haiku Pea podcast. Many thanks to editor Patricia.

Series 2 Episode 21: Making Music