The Spring #writephoto


We used to bathe in that magic spring. The waters churned up from a secret place deep in the earth, a place where the bones of ancient faerie reside.

When we were children we believed in magic. We believed the stories. We thought the spring’s waters would bestow upon us the magic of the fae.

What happened was very different.

We hear the voices calling for us at night. They come from deep within the earth. They are beautiful, haunting voices, as strong and sweet as dark honey.

Come and play with us, they say. Eat of our food and sip of our drink. Dance with us into an endless night.

We wait for you in the heart of the earth.

Oh little human, won’t you come and play with us?



(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)


Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto challenge: Spring


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