The King Of Lies #writephoto


High in the sky, in the Kingdom of Lies, the King of Lies sat waiting.

He waited on a throne of utter hogwash.

Everything in the kingdom was born of a lie. The king himself was made up of all the lies that had ended in tragedy. Every false accusation that led to an execution, every declaration of love that ended in loss…over time these became the king’s beefy limbs, his sulky blob of a face, and his tiny, angry little eyes.

The kingdom was a marvel. Centuries upon centuries of lies, all pieced together to form palaces of pure opal and streets lined with sapphire. And it was constantly growing, building itself.

There was just one problem.

The sun.

If so much as a speckle of gold fell upon anything in the kingdom, it vanished.

This went for the citizens too, and even the king, should he be so unlucky. During the day the kingdom went into hiding behind a shroud of mist. Lies still manifested, but the mist made it difficult for people to see, and the king’s servants were always bringing him the wrong things.

The king often lost his temper with them, but that couldn’t be helped. No one likes being brought banana pudding when they asked for a blueberry scone.

So on this evening, as on all evenings, the king sat waiting.

He was waiting for the sun to go down.

As its final rays disappeared beneath the horizon, the king shook his fist with anger.

One day he would destroy that flaming ball of trouble.

It was only a matter of time.



(Image courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

Written for Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt: Gold

22 thoughts on “The King Of Lies #writephoto

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    • Thanks Carl! I don’t know why my mind went to the sky when I saw that photo…probably because I first saw it on my old dinosaur of a cellphone, and at that resolution it looked liked the sun was shining out on a sea of mist, rather than water…

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